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Editorial Services

Neil Ainger Editorial Services provides a range of written offerings. Alongside the core bespoke freelance material available on request, a professional copywriting service is also available for banks, corporates, financial technology firms and businesses. Thought leadership content that is well prepared, thoroughly researched and written to spec is available, including:

  • Interviews with senior professionals, ghost written thought leadership pieces, white papers or features.
  • Awards entry submissions.
  • Speeches, surveys and website copy.
  • Editing, proof-reading, rewriting.
  • Alternatively, if you are an editor looking to commission freelance work please contact me.

Complex topics covering all forms of financial services' technology, regulation, cash management, banking and other subject areas can all be covered and delivery times tailored to suit your need. Assistance is available in developing your brief to ensure the best content. To discuss specific projects please visit the contact page.